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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jad-shababi 9 / 10

terrific sleeper

A sophisticated black comedy about karma, revenge, redemption, and crooked real estate deals.What I enjoyed most about "Pocket Listing" was the way it blended social messages with embellished, exaggerated action. Driven by first-rate performances from Lowe, Reynolds plus a crew of gifted unknowns (Jurdi, Fahey, Clark), the story keeps you invested from start to finish as the viewer follows the journey of a Los Angeles real estate agent as he falls from grace and then gets a shot at a comeback which proves to be quite a dicey proposition.The film's momentum really builds once the agent starts trying to sell a lavish Malibu villa, with sexy twists and turns taking the plot into unforeseen directions. Throughout the whole show, laces of dark humor and Coen-brother like quirkiness seeps into the drama and elevates the material.Bottom line-- this is a terrific sleeper filled with surprises and unexpected laughs. Not to be missed.

Reviewed by cinemamaestro1 9 / 10

Hell of a film...

What a ride...Expertly directed by Conor Allyn, this twisty, unpredictable, darkly comic Los Angeles fable takes you on a tour of some wonderfully amoral characters as they hustle, bustle, wheel, deal, and scheme their way through the maze of real estate.At its core is a rise and fall morality play, but what makes the film so damn enjoyable and engaging is its sardonic, humorous edge and its bitingly satirical look at material excess and the extreme juxtaposition between the haves and the have notes.Written with zeal and luster by confident and charismatic lead Jurdi, "Pocket Listing" is a hybrid of various genre films yet manages to maintain a smooth, even tone. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, with every player giving it their all and a little more. Watch out for drop dead beauty scene stealer Clark, who just oozes with raw talent and unbridled sexuality.This is the kind of film that rarely gets made anymore and that doesn't always face the best odds in today's marketplace of bombastic blockbusters, but for my dollar, it's as good as anything I've seen in a while.

Reviewed by sa4567 9 / 10

Throwback to the days of great, crime comedies

A light, enjoyable, hard to categorize film, "Pocket Listing" is a cocktail of satirical socioeconomic commentary mixed in with the kind of clever, twisty L.A. crime thrillers that were popular in the '90s.Fueled by a stellar cast, a strong script, and sharp direction, the film is a character-driven piece with a lot of really colorful players. Mexican gangsters, Russian goons, scheming real estate agents, crooked wheeler and dealers, and one hell of a hot vixen comprise a fascinating cast of characters which make the film both original and nuanced.Lowe, Reynolds, Jurdi, Clark, and Fahey all deliver first rate performances which push the story forward fluidly and succinctly.Movies like this are a dime a dozen.

Reviewed by mreviewer82 9 / 10

A smart, fun, sexy dark comedy

Movies like "Pocket Listing" are a dying breed. The smart, crime thriller is a rarity these days, but one that laces its cleverly constructed plot with welcome doses of dark humor and satire is an even more extinct cinema species.The film is set in and around the greater Los Angeles area, following the ups and downs of a semi-shady real estate agent (played by talented new face Jurdi, who also wrote the razor sharp script) as he goes from hot shot yuppie to broken-down pauper. When he is hired to execute the mother of all real estate deals for a mysterious, too smooth for comfort tycoon (a terrific Rob Lowe, playing against type), he discovers that closing a deal may just be a life or death matter."Pocket Listing" is really a master's class in acting. The performances shepherd the already zesty material to a whole new level. Jurdi proves to be a more than capable protagonist, creating a character who's flawed but fascinating, slick but sympathetic, self-motivated but ultimately redeemable. Another two new faces who also add a lot to the film are Fahey and Clark. Fahey plays the devious, cruel trust-fund kid/real estate empire inheritor excellently. Clark proves to be an absolute bombshell as Lana, a truly unpredictable and mesmerizing femme fatale of the first order. In fact, Lana could be a distant relative of Sharon Stone's infamous maneater in "Basic Instinct." This is a great role for her, and she owns it. The film also has supporting performances from some real Hollywood vets. Lowe is all whispery menace as the Malibu villa owner, perfecting the kind of fun, subtle badass we don't get the chance to see him play often. Gugliemi is enjoyable as a local gangster, and what a breath of fresh air to see Reynolds back in a small but notable role as a real estate mogul. What makes "Pocket Listing" such a hoot is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The whole film almost winks at you with its unabashed charm and over the top twists and turns. Don't expect this to be the most realistic depiction of the financial crash or the real estate market, but it's certainly one of the most edgy and entertaining films in some time which touches on those issues.This one's a winner.

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